• Training of a medical translator fluent in Tibetan, Chinese and English (begun fall 2005)
    • Training a person to be part of the clinic staff to install and maintain a clean water system for the valley.
    • Training one Maternal-Child Health Worker in each village.
    • Training one nurse to become an assistant to Dr. Sonam Ji. This candidate will be trained in a large hospital or vocational training facility.

  • BRING MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER TO EVERY HOUSEHOLD. The goal of this threeyear project is to work with families in each village to have clean mountain spring water piped to their home. Currently, 40% of families walk 5 minutes to get water; 60% walk 15 - 20 minutes Click here...

  • LATRINE PROJECT: The goal of this three year project is to fund installation of a latrine system in every household in the ten villages in the ChaZhu Valley to prevent diseases caused by human waste. TAF is seeking assistance to research and develop a system that is effective in the high altitude villages of rural Tibet.
  • EDUCATIONAL FACILITY PROJECT IN CHAZHU VALLEY CLINIC. The doctors (Western, Chinese and Tibetan), nurses, teachers, translators, school kids, monks, nuns and other interested people, will use the facility. Through this facility, we will invite professionals to give seminars and workshops to the clinic personnel, local staff and general public on local environment, health issues, personal hygiene and community sanitation. The facility will consist of Western, Chinese and Tibetan medical books as well as technological support equipment:
  • SOLAR ENERGY. The use of clean energy resources, such as solar energy, will make a positive impact on traditional Tibetan life and protect the local environment.
  • TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL & TREATMENT PROGRAM. Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease rampant throughout the Tibetan Plateau. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the incidence among Tibetan rug-weavers is the highest in the world. The disease is found throughout the ChaZhu Valley where the Health Clinic sponsored by the TibetanAid Foundation (TAF) is located. The TAF plans to work diligently to address this manifest health problem. Click here...
  • MOBILE CLINIC. Vehicles equipped with basic medical equipment, medicine and a trained staff member, will be created to travel to rural and nomadic areas of Tibet year round. The mobile clinic will also provide health educaiton.

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