ChaZhu Valley Water Project

Project Background and Project Description:
The ChaZhu Valley is located high in the Himalayan mountains on the Tibetan Plateau, approximately 9,000 feet above sea level. There are 150 households with about 1,000 people and over 10,000 animals in this valley. Currently, the villagers fetch water from open rivers whose distance from village ranges from one-half mile to one mile. The unsanitary water causes various diseases to both humans and animals in the valley. During winter the villagers have to break the ice in order to get to the water underneath. This calls for children to remain at home so they lose the chance to go to school. The villagers want to bring clean mountain spring water to their homes. A spring uphill of the village spring will be tapped , a cistern built, and a system of pipes installed to bring potable water to each household in ChaZhu Valley.

Benefits of the Project:
This project will provide Tibetan families with clean, convenient and reliable source of water. Currently, the villagers suffer from the time-consuming and in the winter--dangerous work of fetching water from the nearest rivers. This project will create a more convenient and dependable water source to supply both humans and the animals on which they depend. Also, this project will give the villagers a chance to develop greenhouses near their homes to extend the growing season and be able to enjoy fresh vegetables - all of which will help improve their quality of life. Villagers will be able to wash their clothes more frequently and with more ease thereby improving their personal hygiene and sanitation level overall. This new water will simplify the villagers' construction projects. Last but not the least, the children of the ChaZhu Valley will have more opportunity to study, and their parents will have more time to take care of other chores in their household.

To complete the ChaZhu Valley Water Project successfully, the TibetanAid Foundation is committed to raising $15,000.

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