2007 medical mission to the ChaZhu Valley Clinic

Sara Jones-Gomberg, Wendy Steiger, Carmen Smyth and Corinne Collins were lead by Dorjee Tsewang, visited the ChaZhu Valley clinic in July 2007.

During their staying at the clinic. Wendy did a wid-wife training program; Corinne assisted Wendy and trained Dr. Sonam Ji with medical knowledge and usage of medical equipment; Sara checked eye patients as her profession; Carmen shot pictures and documented every moment.

Sara Jones-Gomberg is shaking a 86 years old woman in Adai village. During in the ChaZhu Valley Clinic, Sara checked all the eye patients, as she is planning to do cataract surgery in the clinic in the future.
Corinne and Wendy are working with Dr. Sonam Ji checking 10 to 20 patients daily in the ChaZhu Valley clinic. Majority of the patients are women and children.

Dr. Sonam Ji is demonstrating her skill on Ultrasound to Corinne and Wendy at the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. Dr. Sonam Ji said, the Ultrasound machine has shown great improvement on detection of internal illnesses. Especially it helps greatly with pregnant women. Dr. Sonam Ji said after she purchased this equipment she has detected many internal illnesses that wrongly diagnosed before.

Dr. Sonam Ji said that 85% of her patients in the ChaZhu Valley clinic are women and children. So, she is very happy that she has proper tool to serve her community.

Corinne and Sonam Ji are diagnosing a monk patient. They both feel that the monk has high blood pressure. The monk is a little disappointed that there is no medicine to cure his illness.

Corinne is teaching Sonam Ji how to keep track of all her patients. If any patients return in the future then, they have their records for any follow up treatments.

Dr. Sonam Ji is excited to learn the importance of keeping track of all her patients.

After 1 hour bumpy driving at 3am in the morning, Dr. Sonam Ji successfully delivered a baby in a clay house. The patient is about 25 miles away from the clinic.

Corinne and Sonam Ji are doing follow up check for both mom and baby.

On July 29 2007, before Corinne and Wendy's return to California. They are sitting down with TAF president and Dr. Sonam Ji and Dr. XiaWo. They are exchanging each other's thoughts and defining some challenges.

They feel that health education to all villagers are very crucial. And they need to encourage villagers to do regular check ups at the clinic, i.e. Prenatal care for pregnant women.



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