AnGuan Village Water Project Completed on August 27, 2007

Village Name: AnGuan
Homes: 71
Population: 655

AnGuan village is located in HuaLong County, QingHai Province. For many decades, the people of this village had to fetch water from miles away from their homes. One family member was dedicated to fetch water everyday. During autumn and winter time, the stream of water used to dry out and villagers needed to go even further to fetch water.

In July 2007, our TAF president was invited by AnGuan village leaders to pay a visit to their village. Dorjee Tsewang felt the village desperately needed to bring water to their village. After a thorough inspection, TAF decided to fund the AnGuan Water Project.
On August 1, 2007, the AnGuan Village leaders and TAF hired staff members to locate the water source which was two miles away from the village. The whole village population was so thankful and excited to participate in the project.
On August 10, 2007. TAF and the village leaders purchased water pipes, cement and other necessities for the project and stored them in the home of one of the village leaders.
All the villagers came out and enthusiastically dug the trench. After a week's hard work, they completed digging the trench from the water source to the village.
August 15, 2007, many village men carried plastic water pipe on the shoulder into the mountain. They were all very enthusiastic and energetic to get their water project completed before Dorjee Tsewang's return to the USA
The AnGuan Village people dug the trench to 6 feet deep. They carefully connected water pipe to each other and buried in the trench. August 20, 2007, they successfully put all the water pipes in place.
Our modern transportation could not transport building materials into the mountain because there is no road at all. Therefore, the only option is to utilize animals like donkeys, horses and mules to carry all the materials.
The most challenge part is to complete digging trench in the village, between the clay houses. Because the trench is six feet deep, so there is risk of either animal or kids may fall in the trench, so they villagers had to dig the trench on one hand and to bury pipes on the other hand. Within two days, again the villagers happily accomplished task of putting pipes to all clay houses.

On August 27, 2007, The TAF team and the AnGuan village successfully completed their water project. TAF president, Dorjee Tsewang is honored to open the very first faucet, and to be the first one to taste the pure mountain spring water in the AnGuan village.

The image on the right is shot in the kitchen of a clay house in AnGuan village.



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