Update - ChaZhu Valley Clinic 2007
During the summer of 2007, TAF board members and friends visited the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. Please enjoy the slide show on the left.

This picture is of the current staff of the clinic.

From left:
Dr. XiaWo, specializing in Tibetan Herbal Medicine.
Lhamo Caiji, attending nursing school, and volunteering at the ChaZhu Valley Clinic.
Dr. Sonam Ji, in charge of the ChaZhu Valley clinic.
Pemo: providing housekeeping and cooking for the clinic. Also, Dr. Sonam Ji is training her to become a nurse in the clinic

Dr. Tashi, a retired Tibetan doctor who specializes in electronic screen techniques like Ultrasound and X-ray.

Dr. Tashi visits the ChaZhu Valley clinic on a regular basis to train Dr. Sonam Ji to improve her skill on Ultrasound diagnoses.

Dr. Sonam Ji is training nurses and other medical students in the ChaZhu Valley clinic. This year, Dr. Sonam Ji is training Lhamo Caiji and Pemo. Both of them are very eager to learn to be a nurse in the future.

Here Dr. Sonam Ji is teaching them how to prepare medicine and equipment for injections.

Dr. Sonam Ji and Lhamo Caiji are watching Pemo giving an IV injection to a patient.

The patient was involved in a tractor accident and had two broken ribs.

Dr. Sonam Ji is teaching Lhamo Caiji and Pemo how to write receipts and how to keep records.

Dr. Sonam Ji also is training them to do inventory and to check for expired medicine.

Dr. XiaWo specializes in Tibetan Herbal medicine. Also, he helps patients who have teeth problems.

TAF President, Dorjee Tsewang is sitting by the garden in the courtyard of the ChaZhu Valley clinic, on August 17, 2007.

Through his dedication and efforts, TAF is able to deliver healthcare service to families of the ChaZhu Valley.

Dorjee is very happy that so much has been achieved to provide healthcare and education to the families of his home valley.


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