2007 Summer Midwife Training Program conducted by Wendy Steiger
--- Images are provided by Carmen Smyth
Wendy Steiger (member of Ventura Memorial Hospital of CA) and Corinne Collins (Nurse/TAF Board Member) visited the ChaZhu Valley Clinic in July 2007. During their stay, Wendy conducted a midwife training session for eight women from eight different villages. The program started on July 10th and ended on July 22, 2007.
On July 10, Wendy started her training with Corinne's assistance. Dolkar Tso helped with translation. All students are from 18 to 40 years old.
Wendy is showing her program graphically on paper. All the students are excited to see many different images.
It is much easier to show the pictures to explain certain conditions or situations. Students are enthusiastically participating the training course.
Karmo Yantsum, Lhamo Tso and YangChen Dolma are learning about the position of a baby in the mom's womb.
Students are practicing by demonstrating the delivery of a baby.
Students are continuing to practice delivering a baby...
After two weeks training, all the students successfully completed their training. At the end of the session, Wendy proudly presented completion certificates to every student. Wendy feels that all eight students should be able to assist delivering babies in their own village. Yet, she highly recommends that they need to bring pregnant women to the ChaZhu Valley Clinic to deliver their babies in case of an emergency.

On August 15, 2007. Pemo, one of the trained students, successfully delivered a healthy baby in the mother's clay house. The family and the community are very thankful for Wendy Steiger's midwife training program, as it has been showing great results in the villages.

Thank you!


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