Given Life - TAF Board Members and ChaZhu Valley Community Expressed Their Generosity and Saved Someone's Life

On June 20, 2007, Tsering Thai, 38 years old with his son, 18 years old was driving a tractor on the mountain road. He lost the control of the tractor and went off the road. His son was killed instantly and he blacked out. Luckily, a bus driver discovered the accident and transported him to the HuaLong Hospital, 45 minutes away from the accident.

The HuaLong Hospital could not do the surgery as he had head injury and had to transport to Xining Hospital, two hours driving distance.



Tsering Thai was in coma following the accident. The Xining hospital confirmed that he had internal bleeding in his head and it required surgery. Without surgery, he would die in a couple days.

Tsering Thai's family is one of the poorest family in their village, and it was impossible for his family to pay the cost of the surgery. So, the village leaders got together and decided to seek donations from village to village. They also asked the TAF to fund a partial cost of the surgery.

Some of the TAF board members donated their own money for the surgery. On July 7th, 2007, TAF president, Dorjee Tsewang and his family visited Tsering Thai in the Xining Hospital. Dorjee presented the TAF board members' donations to Tsering Thai's family. His family was grateful and thankful that they could proced with the surgery which might be able to save Tsering's life.

Because so many villagers and the TAF board donated money to this family, the hospital was able to do surgery without any delays. The doctors removed a large piece of skull from Tsering Thai's head and the surgery was a success.

Many people thought that Tsering would not survive with a severe head injury, plus his family would not be able to afford to pay all hospital costs. However, so many people generously contributed to Tsering Tha and his family, his life was saved.


After a month and half in the hospital, Tsering Thai got his life back. His memory was fine too. Although Tsering Thai had not seen Dorjee Tsewang for 16 years, when Dorjee visited him in the hospital, Tsering Thai immediately recognized Dorjee. Tsering Thai was in tears and thanked Dorjee and the other American donors, who helped his family and saved his life.

Tsering Thai spoke very slowly, yet very clearly.


On September 2, 2007. Tsering Thai and his wife came to say good bye to Dorjee and his family as they were returning to the USA after their two month visit.

Tsering's wife was in tears and expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all the donors. She said without all the compassionate donors, she would not just have lost her son but might have also lost her wonderful husband too.

Tsering Thai also told us:"I had supposedly died a few months ago." He was touching his head and kept saying:"I am still alive and I have memory too. This is because of you and other's help. Thank you and thank you for your compassion" as he was shaking my hands and tears rolling down his face.

From right: TAF President, Dorjee Tsewang, Tsering Thai, and Dolkar Tso, Dorjee's wife.

After three month's recovery Tsering Thai is gaining his momentum to get better and better. He is becoming who he used to be. However Tsering Thai still needs to do one more surgery to replace the missing skull on his head. This surgery will be done by the end of this year. We hope for the best for him and his family...


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