My name is Dorjee Tashi, I am a boy, and from Qing hai Province Huan long County, ZhaBa township, Zhala Mao Village. I passed college entrance examiantion in 2006, now I am studying in Qinghai University. I am major in Chinese and Tibetan language.

There are five people in my family, my father is a doctor, he retired from working in the hospital in 2005 and now he volunteers in the ChaZhu Valley Clinic, the clinic is funded by your foundation. My mother is a farmer working on our farm, and house work all day in my family. Recently she is sick off and on. My young sister is studying in another college, she is major in Tibetan. My old sister graduated from college but she has no job and helping mom at home. so whole family is just depending on my father earnings, but it is too difficult to pay two college student's school fee and the cost of living. Lately, I suggested to father that I should give up my university, so I can help my father to earn some money. But my father does not agree with me, he wants me to continue my school even he needs to loan money.

Today, my father requested me to write this application to your foundation, the TibetanAid Foundation, to request assistance for my education. You may that my father is a doctor who volunteers to help the TibetanAid foundation and its clinics and projects. He hopes that foundation will help my school fees. When I heard the TibetanAid Foundation is helping those poor students who has financial difficulties to go to school. Therefore, the Tibetan Aid Foundation can help me to get a better education. I can promise I will study hard in the college.

Thank you very much

Dor jee Zha xi



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