Dear TAF Board Members:

My name is Kelsang Tsering, I am a boy, I was born in 1989, I am live in Qing hai Province Huan long County, ChaZhu township, An Guan village. I got high score from the college entrance examination in 2006, and now I am studying in the QingHai National University. I am major in Tibetan language. I am studying hard in this school, and determined to become a great teacher after my graduation.

There are thirteen people in my family. My father has been sick, the doctor found that my father has high blood pressure, heart trouble, and enteritis; and my mother is in bad health. My sister studies in the Hua long Tibetan Middle school, and my three nieces go to elementary school in ChaZhu Valley. It is too difficult to pay expensive school fees and cost of living in the university. This year I am planning to give up my study and going to help my family to earn money to cure my father's illness. However, my brother insisted me to finish my college, he encouraged me to see Dorjee Tsewang, TAF president at the ChaZhu Valley Clinic, request his assistance for my education.

After long interview by Dorjee Tsewang, he told me to fund my tuition, boarding and books for 2007. I am very excited that I can continue my school this year. I would take this opportunity to thank Dorjee Tsewang and the TibetanAid Foundation for their generous and kind support, and this will give me a chance to be educated. I pray that I will be able to complete my education to become a teacher in my village.

Thank you very much

Ga sang Cai rang


How you can help:
  • Become a generous donor of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Become a volunteer of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Sponsor a student or a nurse
  • Arrange TibetanAid Foundation presentations
  • Donate medical equipment

If you are interested to be a part of the TibetanAid Foundation, please contact us.


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