To Tibetan Aid Foundation:

My name is Kelsang Raiji, I am studying in the Qinghai National University, as I passed the Nation Wide Examination in 2006. My own home place is very poor, so I have many hardship in the university.

My old father who is work in the Middle school, he spends most time at his work. Also he doesn't have a good health, and he takes medicine all the time. Gray haired mother, who also has illness, and she too takes medicine everyday. So it is too hard for my parents to pay my school fees. Therefore, today I would like to request the Tibetan Aid Foundation for help.

I am major Tibetan Language and going to become language teacher. I am very much interested to return to my hometown after completion of my education. I would like to teach rural village children, as they need good teachers to empower their knowledge and wisdom. I promise that I do my best to study hard and to remember your generous support.

The TibetanAid Foundation helps me to be educated, for that my family and I are very appreciative and thankful. I will dedicate myself to get a higher education to return your compassion and generosity.

Thanks you and Tashi Delek.

Thank you so much.

Kelsang Raiji


How you can help:
  • Become a generous donor of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Become a volunteer of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Sponsor a student or a nurse
  • Arrange TibetanAid Foundation presentations
  • Donate medical equipment

If you are interested to be a part of the TibetanAid Foundation, please contact us.


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