Dear Sponsor:

my name is Lhamo Caiji, I am 19 years old. I am from HuaLong county, ChaZhu Township, Gongbao Wu Ju village. I am studying in the Qing Hai Medical University, and major in nursing. I am interested to assist others, during vacation, I volunteer in the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. I enjoy work there very much.

There are eight people in my family, and four of them are students. Because my family is depending on farming to survive. There is no sufficient money to support four students to complete their education, but my parents are determined to send their children to get a good education. Often my father goes to neighbors and other relatives to loan money for our education. Both father and mother work very hard in the farm and gain a little income to repay our loans. Now, I am graduated from high school and passed all exams to enter QingHai Medical School to become a nurse. My parents are very proud of my dedication and hard work in the school. So, they told me that they never give up supporting my education to become a nurse to serve our village population.

Today, I heard that TibetanAid Foundation is going to provide financial support to students who has high school education, and wants to continue their study but who has financial difficulties. I know that your foundation mainly focus on healthcare and education, so I feel that I am a qualified student to seek your support. I am confident that through your generous help, I am determined to become a well educated nurse. After complete my education I will return to the ChaZhu Valley to serve our village people.

This summer, I volunteer in the ChaZhu Valley Clinic helping Dr. Sonam Ji to complete small tasks. I am so happy that I am a volunteer in this clinic that is supported by your foundation. As I am going to be a nurse, this is a great opportunity to learn about medicine and healthcare in this beautiful clinic. Dr. Sonam Ji agrees that she will train me in the clinic during my vacation, and I agreed to come to clinic every day to support Dr. Sonam Ji. Thank you for giving us such opportunity in the ChaZhu Valley. I will work closely with the clinic staff to make our valley a healthier place.

I learned a lot in the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. Because I was born and raised in this valley, and through this clinic I realized that I need to come back to my hometown to help these people who are in desperate health condition. I am very glad that I chose nursing as my major. This major is not just become my career, but also I can help others.

Therefore, I sincerely seek the TibetanAid Foundation's assistance. I hope that your foundation will support my education and I promise to study hard to become a nurse to repay your generosity. My whole family is very grateful and thankful for your compassion and understanding.

Yours respectfully,

Lhamo Tseji

How you can help:
  • Become a generous donor of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Become a volunteer of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Sponsor a student or a nurse
  • Arrange TibetanAid Foundation presentations
  • Donate medical equipment

If you are interested to be a part of the TibetanAid Foundation, please contact us.


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