Dear Mr. Dorjee:

My name is Tsering Dhondup, I was born in the 1.12.1984, and live in Adei Village, Huan long County, Qinghai Province. I started my school when I was young. I got high score from Nation Wide University Entrance Examination in 2006. Now I am studying in the Qinghai University, and I am major in Tibetan.

I was born in a poor agricultural family. There are seven people in my family. My parents are farmers, they are getting old and they can not earn much money from our farm. My mother has been ill for sometime and she did surgery in Qinghai FuLi Charitable hospital in 2005, of course we spent 7000 yuan on her medical expenses. My brother has two children they go to elementary school, and my brother sometimes go to different places to work for others to earn money to pay our tuition. His earning does not have enough to pay anything.

It is very difficult for my family to pay too much money for my education. When the school reopens in September 2007, my parent do not have any more money, so they started borrowing money from village's people. I really do not want my parents borrowing money all the time, I told my parents that I am not going to continue my university. But my father always says "Even we need to sell our pots and pans, you have to complete your university and get a good job. Then you can support us...". Those words make me even determined.

During my vacation time, I volunteer to teach Tibetan language to children in the ChaZhu Valley clinic. I really enjoy teaching children and enlighten them their surroundings and a healthy environment. This is one of my commitment to give back to my valley to empower our children. During summer vacation this year, you visited us and you are impressed what we do at the clinic. You and I have had many conversations about my life and my dreams. Also, I candidly told you that the financial difficulty is the major concern in my life at the moment, and it actually is a great burden for me to continue my study.

I am very surprised that your foundation is going to help my education. When I told this great news to my poor parents, they are very thankful and grateful that we are getting assistance from you and your foundation. I am sure you still remember that I have promised that I will continue to teach our children in the clinic during my vacation. Your foundation give me hope and opportunity, and in turn I give hopes and opportunities to our valley and our children.

Tashi Delek!

Tsering Dhondup


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