Dear TibetanAid Foundation:

My name is Tsering Dolma, and 17 years old. I am a Tibetan girl and grew up in western Hualong County, XunXian village of XunXian Township. Both my younger brother and I graduated from the Hualong National High School last year. Now, we supposed to go to senior high school to continue our education. However, because my family does not have any income to pay tuition, boarding and books for both of us.

My younger brother had to go to a Vacational School to to trained for a occupational career. I have begged my parents to loan money from others to let me continue my education. The most challenge part of our family is that our father has been sick for a long time and now he became disabled person. I feel very sad that our father no longer support our family, not to mention our education. But, our parents support my desire for a better education. This year they were able to loan some money from neighbors and I started my senior high in Hualong First High School. I promised my parents that once I get a job after completion my education, I will repay all my loans.

I have to know that I love education, I am doing great in my class. I want to become a educated woman in the future to a teacher. At the moment, my only concern is that my parents may not be able to loan money from others for next year and the following years to come. Therefore, I would like to request your help. I hope that you will understand my situation and fund my education. If you can assist my education, this is not just help my education but also, that helps my poor parents dearly.

Thank you very much in advance for your funding.

My best wishes and prayers to you and all your families.

Respectfully yours

Tsering Dolma

How you can help:
  • Become a generous donor of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Become a volunteer of the TibetanAid Foundation
  • Sponsor a student or a nurse
  • Arrange TibetanAid Foundation presentations
  • Donate medical equipment

If you are interested to be a part of the TibetanAid Foundation, please contact us.



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