TAF provided salary in 2008
for the following staff at the ChaZhu Valley clinic

Name: Dr. Sonam Ji
Age: 39

Dr. Sonam Ji is in charge of the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. She is the main resident doctor in the valley, and is educated in Chinese and Western medicine

Name: Dr. XiaWo
Age: 41

Dr. XiaWo is educated and trained in Tibetan herbal medicine and acupuncture. He assists Dr. Sonam Ji in running the health care programs in the clinic.


Name: Pemo
Age: 26

Pemo provides housekeeping and cooking for the clinic. Dr. Sonam Ji is training her to become a nurse in the clinic. She was trained as a mid-wife in 2008, and now she is assisting doctors in the clinic

Name: Dr. Tashi

Dr. Tashi is a retired Tibetan doctor who specializes in electronic screen techniques like Ultrasound and X-ray.

Dr. Tashi visits the ChaZhu Valley Clinic on a regular basis to train Dr. Sonam Ji, improving her skill with Ultrasound diagnoses. He is a volunteer.



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