Training program in the ChaZhu Valley clinic

Dr. Tashi visits the ChaZhu Valley clinic on a regular basis to train clinic staff to improve their skills in reading X-Ray and using Ultrasound diagnoses.
In 2008, the clinic staff began to practice minor suture and other emergency care. According to the clinic staff, they have successfully stitched and healed many patients.
Ultrasound diagnosis is becoming popular in the valley. Especially for the pregnant women. Dr. Sonam Ji uses the ultrasound system for pre-natal care.
Pemo is learning to keep track of all patients' and their medical information. Dr. Sonam Ji has said that it is very crucial to keep patient records in the clinic for when a patient needs to return in the future for more treatment.
Dr. Sonam Ji is training Lhamo Caiji in how to give injections to a pateint. Lhamo Caiji is a volunteer medical student at the clinic. She goes to nursing school and she volunteers at the clinic during her vacations.
Pemo was trained and certified as a mid-wife in 2007. Now she is able to deliver babies independently. In July 2008, Pemo successfuly delivered this healthy baby in the ChaZhu Valley clinic.


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