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Completion of the Duoxi Water Project - August 1, 2006

July 15 - 18, 2006, Duoxi villagers worked with our TAF team building a water tank at the water source in the mountain, about 4 miles from the village.
July 20 - 25, 2006, Duoxi villagers built the main water tank above the village. The size of the tank is 9'x18'x9'. Duoxi village has 81 homes, but the water is enough for about 200 homes or more.


On July 25, 2006, Dorjee Tsewang the president of the TibetanAid Foundation and his wife Dolkar Tso personally tasted the mountain spring water of the Duoxi village. It was amazing and unbelievable that over 500 people and thousands of animals are able to drink fresh water in their own clay houses from now on. Hopefully, all the donors of the Duoxi Water Project will be able to visit this wonderful and poor village to taste the water to know that their contribution will benefit this village for many generations to come. They should be proud of funding this wonderful project.

The Duoxi villagers dug trenches for the pipes to reach their clay houses and were eager to complete their water project.


This family worked hard and was waiting for the water to come. Suddenly, the water came. The water pressure was too high and splashed everywhere, and they all became very excited and happy. The woman on the left was in tears telling us that she could not believe that she would not need to fetch water from far away anymore.

Some children were also very amazed and dashed to the water pipe and started washing their hands. Everyone of the Duoxi village is enjoying this great moment to have water in their homes. This water project is beneficial not just to humans, but also all the animals in the Duoxi village.

In early morning, this little boy was helping his parents to get water from their own courtyard. Now, the Duoxi village's dream to bring water to their homes finally came true. For last 500 years, the people of Duoxi village had fetched water from 3 miles away from their homes. Now, because of our generous donors, the Duoxi village people are enjoying drinking fresh mountain spring water in their own homes. Your contribution and support of this project will be recorded in the history book of the Duoxi village. It is a great feeling to announce that the Douxi Water Project was successfully completed on August 1, 2006. Let's enjoy this moment together for a long time in our hearts and souls.

TAF board members and some of our American friends met the spiritual leader of the Duoxi village, the Pema Rinpoche. The Rimpoche expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the Duoxi Water Project. He told us that he wished he could shake every donor's hand to tell them that their act of compassion will directly benefit those village people for a long, long time. He added that spiritually, all the donors accumulated good merits for themselves. This was a great way to practice compassion according to Buddhist practice. He was very happy to be part of this project, as he oversaw its completion.


The Duoxi village management team came to the ChaZhu Valley clinic to express their appreciation for the water project to the board members of the TibetanAid Foundation. The leader of the Duoxi management team requested that if possible in the future, the Duoxi village needs help with their latrine and children's education projects. The TAF members told them that they would do their best to generate funds to fulfill their needs in the future.

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