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Valley to Valley Children's Exchange Program

Tenzin Norbu, 5 year-old
Gedun Norbu, 4 year-old

Because there is no pre-school in the ChaZhu Valley, children of their age have to wait until they become 7 years old to attend first grade. Their daily acitivities are staying home with seniors, sitting besides fields while their parents work in the field, or playing between the clay houses.

TAF hopes to fund a Family Center for those children under the age of 7. We think that this facility will be beneficial to these children and give them an opportunity to grow in an educational facility to prepare for their future education.

Kangchen Tsering and Kangchen Norbu visited ChaZhu Valley where their father Dorjee Tsewang was born and raised. They had a wonderful three month vacation in the ChaZhu Valley. Both of them attend Meneirs Oak Elemenatry School in Ojai, California.
Lindsay Luckenbach (middle) visited the ChaZhu Valley in May, 2006. Lindsay met girls of the same age group in the ChaZhu Valley. Lindsay attends Topa Topa School in Ojai, California.

These are the students attending first grade in the elementary school.

The Valley to Valley Children's Exchange Program generated nearly $1000.00 from schools in Ojai during the Spring of 2006. This fund will be used for the building of a Family Center near the ChaZhu Valley Clinic. TAF continue to raise additional funds to complete the pre-school project.

We welcome you or your school children to participate in raising funds for this wonderful project.

On May 11, 2006, Dorjee Tsewang, TAF president is speaking to the sturdents of the ChaZhu Valley elementary school. Kangchen, Norbu and Lindsay brought gifts from children of Ojai schools in California to the ChaZhu Valley School.
On May 11, 2006, Linsday, Norbu and Kangchen are presenting gifts of school supplies including pens, pencils, markers and highlighters to the headmaster of the ChaZhu Valley Elementary School. All the gifts were donated by the school children of Ojai, California.
Lindsay, Kangchen and Norbu are welcomed with beautiful white scarfs in one of the classrooms. The children are singing songs to entertain them.
Dolkar Tso and Lindsay are admiring the art work of the ChaZhu Valley children.
David Luckenbach, father of Lindsay and videographer of Hollywood, is filming in the classroom of the ChaZhu Valley.
Dolma Ji, 10 year-old, lives one mile from the school. She said that she walks to school with other students everyday. She enjoys school and she wants to get a good education.

Kangchen and Norbu are teaching local children how to slide on a pile of sand as they tried to explain how they enjoy slides at the playgrounds in Ojai, California.

TAF hopes to be able to include playground equipment when we fund a pre-school in the ChaZhu Valley.

The children of Duoxi Village are doing their laundary after their school. As the TibetanAid Foundation funded the Duoxi Water Project and now the village has mountain spring water in every household. TAF completed the water project within five weeks.


Now, the children of Duoxi Village are able to wash their hands and clothes with the water from the faucet in their homes

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